Policies & Procedures

Borrowing Privileges

Checking Out

  • The Pine Glen LTC has an open stack policy–students are allowed to check out items from any collection in the library regardless of student’s age.
    • Exception: Only faculty can check out videos and kits.
  • Student Loan Periods:
    • Books–2 weeks
    • Magazines–1 week
  • Faculty Loan Periods:
    • Books–2 months
    • Magazines–1 month
    • Videos/CDs/DVDs–2 weeks
    • Kits–1 month
  • The Pine Glen LTC has an open circulation policy–there are no limits as to how many items students or faculty can have checked out at one time. However, to help students make good decisions about how many items are right for them, they ask three questions:
    • How many can I carry?
    • How many can I read at one time before they are due?
    • How many can I be responsible for?
  • Exception: Kindergarteners start the year with one check out at a time building up to 5.

Renewing Items

  • Students are allowed to renew items themselves one time only when logged into their Destiny accounts.  After the first time, only the School Librarian or Volunteer Assistant can renew an item again.
  • The renew limit is 2 times. After that, the Librarian or Volunteer Assistant can renew again by overriding the system.
  • The School Librarian or Volunteer Assistant can renew an item as many times as necessary after considering if the book is on hold for someone else or if the book is lost.

Overdue Items

  • The Pine Glen LTC believes that nurturing our children to be lifelong readers is one of the hardest things to do. For that reason, a student should never be made to feel embarrassed or upset about an overdue or lost item nor should they feel as though they are being punished. Life happens; none of us are perfect. I would rather deal with a lost book then lose a reader.
  • Item(s) that are up to 2 weeks overdue: After speaking with the student, the item(s) are renewed or an Overdue Books Reminder Slip is sent home. The student’s borrowing privileges are not affected.
  • Item(s) that are 3 weeks overdue: After speaking with the student, the item(s) are renewed or an email is sent to the parents asking to help locate and return the items or report it lost. The student’s borrowing privileges are not affected.
  • If a student has 4 or more overdue items:  The student’s borrowing privileges are put on hold temporarily until the number of items overdue is below 4 by either renewing items, returning some or all of the items, or replacing them.

Lost Items

  • After communicating with the parent, if an item(s) is determined to be lost, the family can either purchase a replacement copy to give to the LTC or they can send cash or a check for the replacement cost of the item(s) made out to Pine Glen LTC. This procedure will be handled by the School Librarian.


Selection Policy


The objective of the Pine Glen Library & Technology Center is to make available to faculty and students a collection of materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and meet the needs of the students and faculty served.


Responsibility for Selection

The School Librarian and the Instructional Technology Specialist will have the authority and responsibility for the selection of all print and nonprint materials used in the LTC collection and throughout the LTC program.



Staff members involved in selection of resource materials shall use the following criteria as a guide:

  • educational significance

  • contribution the subject matter makes to the curriculum and to the interests of the students

  • favorable reviews found in standard selection sources

  • favorable recommendations based on preview and examination of materials by professional personnel

  • reputation and significance of the author, producer, and publisher

  • validity, currency, and appropriateness of material

  • high degree of potential user appeal

  • high artistic quality and/or literary style

  • quality and variety of format

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