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Arts & Technology Night 2014


Ms. Fallon, Pine Glen’s Art Teacher, is very excited to integrate technology into this year’s Art Gallery! See the document below for information you need to know before you attend. See you there!

Celebrating Books, Reading & World Literacy


From March 1 through March 11 (extended due to snow days), Pine Glen celebrated Bookapalooza, a school-wide event that allowed us to share our love of reading and to support world literacy. It was a lot of work but even more fun!

First, it was important to promote Bookapalooza to our school community before the big week. I asked the Student Council if they would like to help and they were eager to get on board. These students came up with the name “Bookapalooza,” made posters to hang around the school, and helped me make Dr. Seuss goodie bags.

Students making posters

8519036141_1a1a812c19_oStuffing Dr. Seuss Goodie Bags

8540939639_1fd0a04326_oBookapalooza poster

8542042024_6e2cca701a_o “Make a Change With Your Change” poster

We kicked off Bookapalooza by celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s 109th birthday on Friday, March 1. Ms. Smith’s first grade classroom made Dr. Seuss posters to hang around the school and Mrs. Visocchi helped to arrange for her Bridges senior volunteers to visit classrooms and read Dr. Seuss books to our students. The lunchroom served green eggs and ham and the Library & Technology Center handed out small goodie bags to all students (you never know when you’re going to need a Dr. Seuss bookmark!) Rumor had it that the Cat in the Hat showed up to do a little reading, too!

8520149962_6263dfb44b_oLots of excitement (and silliness!)

8542032472_d9eb440f9f_oFirst grade posters for Dr. Seuss’s birthday

8542033544_0771cde10c_oGoodie Bags


Member of Mrs. Visocchi’s senior Bridges program reading Dr. Seuss


The Cat in the Hat made an appearance in First Grade

Then we turned our focus to world literacy by participating in a week long celebration of World Read Aloud Day, March 6. Our homerooms signed up to be Book Buddies with other homerooms so students could read picture books aloud to each other. It was so great to see older students reading to younger students and vice versa! The LTC had plenty of great read-alouds set aside so students could choose their favorites to read. I love seeing which books students chose especially those who wanted to share a book that they loved when they were younger.

8540936347_46d7a170de_oSamantha reading to her Kindergarten Book Buddies

8540937635_4e9ed94146_oDevin loved reading his favorite childhood book to his Kindergarten Book Buddy

8542039706_db0f1fde0a_oBrennan is enjoying being read to by his big sister Book Buddy, Shea

World Read Aloud Day is a worldwide event hosted by LitWorld.org that brings awareness to world literacy. There are 793,000 people in the world who are not literate.

World Read Aloud Day is about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people. World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words, especially those words that are shared from one person to another, and creates a community of readers advocating for every child’s right to a safe education and access to books and technology.


Pine Glen participated in World Read Aloud Day in a handful of ways. First, we Skyped with other classrooms in the United States, sharing a picture book and reading aloud to each other. The majority of the books we shared we read on the WeGiveBooks.org, a database of digital picture books that you can read online while supporting world literacy:

  • We read One Cool Friend with Mrs. Lussier’s class in Connecticut,
  • We read Bunny Days, Duck! Rabbit! and Mine-O-Saur with Ms. Broderick’s class in Massachusetts,
  • We read Mine-O-Saur with Ms. Broderick’s class in Massachusetts AND Mr. Winner’s class in Maryland at the same time! (that was definitely a shining moment đŸ™‚
  • We read Same, Same but Different with Mr. Plemmons’s class in Georgia,
  • We read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons with Mrs. Schmidt’s class in Georgia and her students performed Reader’s Theater for us,
  • We read Extra Yarn with Mrs. Potter’s class in Maine,
  • We read One Cool Friend with Ms. Myles class in North Carolina,
  • We read Bunny Days with Mrs. Hundt’s class in Wisconsin, and
  • We read Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon with Mrs. Kaldenbergh’s class in Iowa.

8542029098_414acf8b4c_oReading One Cool Friend with ours friends in North Carolina

8542042984_50c77c3fe4_oSkyping and reading with Ms. Broderick in MA and Mr. Winner in MD at the same time!


Reading Same, Same but Different with Mr. Plemmons in GA

Pine Glen also decided to raise money for world literacy. We created the “Make a Change, With Your Change” Fundraiser (thank you, again, Student Council for such a great name!) After a week of collecting change, we raised $400.00! The LTC will donate this money to WeGiveBooks.org who, during the winter season, will give two books to a world literacy campaign for every $5.00 you donate. That means Pine Glen donated 160 books! Great effort to everyone who donated. Pine Glen definitely made a change with our change đŸ™‚


Devin adder her change to the bottle

Finally, we ended Bookapalooze with “Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character” Day. There were many great book characters spotted that day such as Percy Jackson, Pinkalicious, Skippyjon Jones, Harry Potter, Tintin, and Pippi Longstocking.


8565059519_d5f07d3e13_oHow many Things are there?

8566155188_fde5e2de45_oPaper Bag Princess


8566146422_3c441530c6_oSkippyjon Jones

8565046351_91ca141749_oRendi from Starry River of the Sky

8565043361_95cddb7345_oPercy Jackson

8566138296_8c96fa8d63_oPippi Longstocking

8565040815_e6036a1e7f_oEven the Friday Faculty Breakfast got into the spirit!


Thank you, Pine Glen, for a memorable week of sharing our love for books and reading.

View the whole set of photos from Bookapalooza 2013

QR Codes


This week I gave teachers around the building their own QR code, just in time for Back to School Night!

QRstuff.com has this to say about QR codes:

In its simplest sense think “print based hypertext link” – simply encode a URL into the QR Code and then point a mobile phone (or other camera-enabled mobile) at it. If the device has had QR Code decoding software installed on it, it will fire up its browser and go straight to that URL.

We’re going to start simply at Pine Glen with using QR codes. All teachers with a classroom blog should now have a QR code outside of their classroom, allowing you to have easy access to finding out more about what’s happening during the school day. Mrs. D’Elia and I are also hoping to start using QR codes in the near future to link books to student-generated reviews and videos. I’ll also use them to help link students to content on their iPads.

Suggested Apps:

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Android Devices

If you come by the LTC tonight for Back to School Night, I’d be glad to show you how QR codes work!
PS: You should definitely come to the LTC tonight.
PPS: You’ll get to play with iPads.
PPPS: You’ll also get to see our new library setup.
PPPPS: You’ll really enjoy exploring the apps we have on the iPads.
PPPPPS: You’ll have a chance to try out our new green screen.
PPPPPPS: We mentioned the iPads already, right? Just checking.
Thanks to Linda O’Leary, William Chamberlain, Vanessa Alander, and Katy Aronoff for resources linked to in this post.
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