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Dealing with Pop-ups in Chrome


Many of the online tools that we use have Pop-up windows for reporting purposes. Most modern web browsers, though, block popups by default because untrustworthy websites frequently use pop-ups as a way to push ads or viruses at you. Here’s how to turn off Pop-ups on a site-by-site basis in Google Chrome. In this example, here’s how you can print a report in i-Ready. It should function the same way for other websites that also use pop-ups.

1. Try to do the action that uses a pop-up. A message will flash in the top-right part of the window at the end of the location bar.



2. Click on the notification symbol. Turn on popups for your current website.



3. Restart Chrome and try it again. It should work every time from now on!

First Grade eBooks


Now two years running, one of my favorite projects of the year is creating eBooks with the first graders. These books turn out to be a really great culminating activity for first grade literacy skills, where the students write, draw, type, and record their own complete electronic books. It’s a wonderful way to get an authentic look at the students’ writing skills, artistic abilities, technology skills, and reading fluency.

If you need help viewing these books, please see this post with instructions for both computers and iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Second Grade Culture Projects


Photo 12

This year our really big library and technology project with the second grade was the culture project. Inspired by work shared by teachers at Fox Hill during a Social Studies Curriculum Council meeting, this was an in-depth project involving instruction by the second grade teachers, librarian, and technology specialist. Students researched and learned about one of the cultures their family came from, nonfiction text features, and finding appropriate images online, then inserting those and text into a finished electronic book on the iPad. Many students also used their voices to share some of the words they learned in the language of the country that they studied.

Click on the links below to access the books created by the second grade students!

If you need help viewing these books, please see this post with instructions for both computers and iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Reading ePub documents on your iOS device or Computer


Later this week I should be posting lots of student projects from this year that I haven’t had a chance to post yet!

Many of the projects this year were created in Book Creator for iPad, which creates an ePub file, which is an electronic book format. The advantage of the electronic book format is that it allows students to insert audio and video into their books. The negative is that there aren’t many options for how you can read those books. Up until a couple of months ago, your only option was using iBooks on an iOS device. Now, fortunately, there’s another option on the computer. This post will describe both ways of reading student work created in Book Creator.

iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

First, you’ll need to download iBooks from the App Store. It’s completely free!

Next, you’ll need to find an ePub file to download. Here’s the first grade graphic novel that I posted earlier this year!

After tapping on the link, you’ll see a screen that gives basic information and gives you a download button that you should tap.

Photo 10

This will bring you to an Open In screen. If it says Open in iBooks, tap that. Otherwise tap Open in… and then choose Open in iBooks from the list that pops up.

Photo 11

iBooks will open up with your new book ready to read!

Photo 9


Computer (PC or Mac)

If you don’t have it already, you’ll need to download the Chrome web browser by Google.

Download the ePub file and save it somewhere easy to find again. I use the Downloads folder or the Desktop.

You’ll then need to add the Readium Extension to Chrome. In order to add it, you’ll need to be signed in to a free Google account.



After downloading, it should create a New Tab on the Apps page. Click on Readium.



Click the Add Items button



Click Choose Files, then find your epub where you had saved it. Then click Add Book. Now you can read your book!



Later this year, Apple will release a new version of Mac OS X that will have iBooks built in, so this is just a temporary measure for reading on Mac. After that it will work much more like iOS.

Author Visit Excitement!–Jarrett J. Krosoczka is Coming!



On Wednesday, June 19, author and illustrator and creator of Lunch Lady will be visiting Pine Glen students!

Jarrett J. Krosoczka has been passionate about storytelling through words and pictures since he was a kid.  Jarrett is a two-time winner of the Children’s Choice Book Award for the Third to Fourth Grade Book of the Year and is the author and illustrator of twenty books including the Lunch Lady graphic novels and the just released Platypus Police Squad middle-grade chapter book series. Jarrett’s TED Talk on his journey from boy to artist has been viewed more than a half-million times. He is also the host of The Book Report with JJK on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live, a weekly segment celebrating books, authors and reading. His work was recently featured on the front page of The Boston Globe and on NPR’s All Things Considered. It has also been recommended by national publications such as Newsweek, The New York Times and USA Today.


Students may purchase author books to have signed and take home. Please print and fill out the order form and return it with the proper funds by Wednesday, June 5 (one day late is okay.)




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