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Buy-One-Get-One-Free Summer Book Fair!


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.36.28 AM WHERE:

 Pine Glen Elementary School


 Monday, June 23 (8:30–2:00) and

 Tuesday,  June 24 (8:30–10:00)


 Because summer is the most awesome time to read  whatever you want and you can get FREE books!


 6.25% sales tax


K-3 Highlights


4-6 Highlights

Arts & Technology Night 2014


Ms. Fallon, Pine Glen’s Art Teacher, is very excited to integrate technology into this year’s Art Gallery! See the document below for information you need to know before you attend. See you there!

Massachusetts PARCC Trial



PARCC is the new Common Core-based electronic testing system that will be implemented in many states across the country over the next few years. This year, Pine Glen and the other schools in Burlington are going to be trial sites for this new evaluation system. Students in different grade levels will take the assessment using different devices.

All information about the trial program, with frequent updates, will be posted on massparcctrial.org. Check it out to find out about the preparations being made, and then to see what we find out as we go through the trial testing periods later this year.

Additionally, you can find the Grades 3-5 sample test questions here if you want to get a feel for the kinds of tasks our students will be asked to do.

The Book Fair is Coming!


eBooks on Demand with BrainHive!


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 3.19.12 PMThis week in LTC classes, fourth and fifth grade students are learning about BrainHive–an online ebook library where Pine Glen students can “check out” ebooks to read online or on their iPads. Every time a book is checked out, it charges the LTC $1.  I asked the students, “What can you get for $1?” and most of the answers were things like candy and other stuff at the dollar store. But with Brain Hive, students can read a book for $1! That’s a great value. We watch movies On Demand and now students can read ebooks On Demand! This is a great way for the LTC to provide ebooks without paying for access to the entire collection up front. Click on the bee above for more information about logins and passwords.

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