We continued our lessons on the Geisel Award and Mo Willems by creating our own Pigeon stories using the “Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App!” app.

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First Grade

We began a new project where we are going to learn a little about Digital Citizenship and using the Book Creator app. We are going to create a class iBook of the Do’s and Don’ts of using technology. We asked the students, “What do next year’s first graders need to know about using technology?” We brainstormed what the different kinds of technology are (and had a big giggle when we discovered that Mr. Callahan is, in fact, not a piece of technology) and we brainstormed the different kinds of expected behaviors around using technology. Students then sketched their ideas for their iBook page.

Second Grade

This was our last week of reading folktales from around the world in support of the Country/Culture project. We read Toads and Diamonds (France) and Once a Mouse . . . (India).


Third Grade

This was our last week making timelines on the RWT Timeline app for their Massachusetts biography project. In Mrs. Cunha’s class, we showed students how to find images using the Research tool built right into Google Drive which automatically adds the citation information into your document.

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Fourth Grade

Students continued to work on their Book Creator project of taking some of their writing, adding illustrations, and turning it into an iBook. Mrs. Visocchi’s class continued to find copyright friendly images using Google Image Search and citing their images for their National Parks project.

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In addition . . .

The LTC hosted Ms. Sorensen from Highlander Charter School in Rhode Island for a day so she could learn about how we use technology in the classroom here at Pine Glen.

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We continued to help second graders finish up their research for the Country/Culture persuasive writing project.

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The new 2014 ALA Youth Media Awards were announced this week . . . more on that later!

Mr. Callahan moderated a panel at the Assistive Technology Industry Association‘s annual conference.