We are creating our own Pigeon book covers. You’ll have to wait until next week to see them!

First Grade

We are becoming chixperts . . . research experts about chickens. We’re using resources to find answers to our questions and taking notes. Ms. Smith is doing an amazing job using a RAN chart (Reading & Analyzing Nonfiction) to organize her students’ learning.


Photo 463

Second Grade

We learned how to find and save copyright friendly images of our country to use in our Book Creator project.

Photo 460

Third Grade

It’s that time of year when third grade students learn how to use their login to Destiny Quest. They are learning about all the different things you can do in Destiny when you are logged in.

Fourth Grade

We are continuing to use our LTC time to work on our Book Creator Writing project.

Photo 479

Fifth Grade

Ms. Marcus’s class continued to work on their video book review project. We are learning how to use a storyboard for movie planning.

Photo 476


In addition . . .

Mrs. D’Elia and Mr. Callahan presented to the Administrative Council meeting this week about their combined library & technology program.

Mr. Callahan worked with Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s ELA class to create images in Drawing Pad to represent vivid imagery in poetry. Next week they’re going to turn it into a book.

The iTechs had their first help request from Mrs. Guanci! We’ll post more about the iTechs soon!

Photo 434